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Jan van Boeckl: Painting meditation

All partisipants are welcome to take part to Jan`s wildpainting meditation Saturday and Sunday morning.

Visual artist and anthropologist
Jan van Boeckel

Dr. Jan van Boeckel is a Dutch anthropologist, visual artist, art teacher and filmmaker. Jan’s areas of interest and concern include the worldviews and environmental philosophies of indigenous peoples. Together with filmmaking group ReRun Productions, he produced a series of documentaries on this subject, as well as films on philosophers such as Jacques Ellul and Arne Naess, who provide a critical analysis of the Western way of life. These films include, among others: The Earth is Crying (1987), It’s Killing the Clouds (1992), The Betrayal by Technology (1992), and The Call of the Mountain (1997).

Jan has lived for several years in Hällefors, in the forests of central Sweden, where he was an art teacher to both children and adults, as well as consultant on international cultural projects. He established the Cloudberry Dreams network with partners in Latvia, England, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. The mission of this partnership is to share ideas and to explore new ways to interpret landscapes through art and creativity. Another project he took part in conceptualizing is called Clearings in the Forest, which focuses on the cultural and mythical significance of open spaces in the woodlands. Now Jan is working  in Reykjavik in Iceland Academic of the Arts.

One of Jan’s research interests is the tension between trying to ’open the senses whilst coping with the current ecological crisis, an issue that is all the more pressing when working with children. Since 2007, Jan is a member of the ecoart network.

On August 16th, 2013, Jan defended his doctoral thesis At the Heart of Art and Earth: An Exploration of Practices in Arts-based Education at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture of Aalto University, and Dr. Sacha Kagan acted as his opponent. The full session can be viewed here.

Kuvallista tarinaa luontomaalausmeditaatioista Riitti soikoon tapahtumassa 27. ja 28.9.2014:

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