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Now: Five down easter egg hunt in Kimito

FIVE DOWN EASTER EGG HUNT Saturday 4.4.2015, from 10 to 16. In Sokerikulma, Kimito MUNAT Sokerikulma’s, Ritual museumś residence in Kimito, new artist-in-residence Julie Ann Sheridian  invites islanders to join a participatory performance in the form of a golden egg hunt this Easter. This event contines Welsh artist’s Displacement series where she left golden gifts in the landscape for curious walkers to discover. During her first week, as she discovers Kemiönsaari for herself, Julie will hide five hand-painted golden easter eggs in and around the Kiila farm.  Each golden egg will have it’s own value as it will be unique art work. Each will bear the number and artist’s signature and can be kept by the finder. Those lucky enough to find the treasure will be invited via a QR code or simple clue to take discover more. At the end of Julie’s stay a golden geocache, in You Tube, will be left as a legacy for future fortune hunters. Easter brings a new life and we see nature come to life and inspires feelings of excitement and hope for Spring.  This event combines elements of folklore and religious ceremony, the symbolism of gold as buried treasure and stimulates our primal instincts as hunter and gatherers.  Treasure hunts continue to capture the public imagination.  Kit Williams’ phenomenenal armchair treasure hunt  ’Masquerade’, Tolkien’s ’Lord of the Rings’, Aesop’s fables are packed with myth and legend. So come and test your luck. All ages and abilities. It is free to take part but please announce your find and bring something to dig with! Soup-cafeteria is also open.  Sokerikulma’s location, map. Starling_eggs FAQs

  • Easter eggs are found in games and films. In the Angry Birds series, Golden Eggs are special items hidden in the game, which unlock additional levels upon collecting them. Some easter eggs hidden in games are not found for years, Halo 3’s secret message wasn’t found for 7 years and Final Fantasy’s very last quest wasn’t revealed until 13 years following the game’s release.
  • The Easter bunny is a folkloric figure that In legend, carries colored eggs in his basket  to the homes of children.
  • The hare and the rabbit are common motifs in the visual arts, which have variable mythological and artistic meanings in different cultures. The hare is often associated with moon deities and signifies rebirth and resurrection. It is a symbol of fertility and sensuality,
  • The white rabbit in Lewis Carols’ Alice in Wonderland leads Alice from one place to the next after she follows him down the rabbt hole. “I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


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