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Themes 2015: Rites of Health and Beauty

Play the Rite of Health and Rite of Beauty!

The Ritual Museum’s third annual ritual festival is coming! The festival will take place during the fall mating season, September 25-27, 2015 at Sokerikulma located on the island of Kemiönsaari. See Residenssi Revonhäntä a.k.a. Revohka. This year’s themes are health and beauty – issues that are entangled with ethical as well as aesthetical questions and linked to the survival of different species on our planet and its changing conditions in the past, present, and future.

We now call upon you, scholar of culture or nature, artist, or ritualist, to offer us your proposals based on your interpretations of these themes. Proposed contributions to the festival program can be anything from paper presentations to multiform performances – the sky is the limit. To presenters and performers we can offer full accommodation in a lovely setting as well as a modest compensation and/or reimbursement of costs. Please send your proposals by June 30 to

The Ritual museum will also take part in the Norpas Festival August 22-23 with the presentation of philosopher and musician David Rothenberg on beauty titled “Survival of the Beautiful”: Why is nature beautiful and how art affects science (see Rothenberg’s book Survival of the Beautiful). David will also be performing music at the festival. See Norpas Festival; the 2015 program will be updated to the link later. 300456.JPG


David Rothenberg playing with whales. Photo: Andrea Galvani


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