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The Ritual Museum

The Ritual Museum studies the existence of rituals. The Museum collects information about rituals and applies it to everyday life and celebration.

Information about rituals is seen in a holistic cultural context. Collected information is archived, and touring exhibitions, performances, games, published materials, new studies, and art pieces are produced from it.

The Ritual Museum is born out of cooperation and action. Under its roof meet scholars, artists, celebrators of the arc of life, guests and hobbyists.

The third Ritual Festival ”Play The Rite” dates are September 25-27, 2015.

Play the Rite! is the annual festival and seminariums for scholars and artists, for all interested in Rites. Play the Rite! brings anthropology, art, natural philosophy and ecology together with talks, panel discussions, lectures, workshops, shows, performances.

ja Ritual 3.0

Theater Quo Vadis ”Play the Rite” 2014


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