Otso Kautto/Ritual Museum at Aboagora

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Otso Kautto and Theatre Quo Vadis at Workshop 1: When life ends

Workshop 1: When Life Ends
Tuesday 11th August at 1-3pm
Sibelius Museum

Speakers: Terhi Utriainen, Douglas Davies, Ilari Sääksjärvi with a performance-lecture Ritual Time, Life looking at death by Otso Kautto, Minerva Kautto, Timo Pajunen-Noroila, Maija Rissanen and Pyörni Vartiainen.

End of life is a big and significant moment beyond human understanding – or is it? What is it in fact that happens when life ends? Furthermore, is the end of human life similar or different in comparison to the end of life that happens in nature all the time? Is there a shared understanding and criteria on what we mean by death and things that it entails? The mystery of death will be inquired from the potentially very different perspectives of anthropology, biology and art.

Ritual Time focuses on death through its scenic expressions, and on the scenic through the finality of death. Death challenges the theories of dying, ritual and theatre. Ritual Time is an example of artistic research, where the artistic process itself is seen as a part of producing knowledge (or information), not as an expression of previously defined aims. When staging rituals we deal also with the scenic: tools being used participate to the results.

Otso Kautto is Finnish writer, theatre director and performing poet. His work has been translated to several languages, and he has been directing both in mainstream and marginal theatres, mainly at The Finnish National Theatre and Theatre Quo Vadis. He performs his poetry with The Poetry Band. In his doctoral research for the Theatre Academy at the University of the Arts Helsinki, Kautto focuses on the sense of ritual. He studies the creation of credibility, and the possibility of power in rituals. The concept of ritual is seen through the scenic praxis, and scenic praxis through the ritual theories.

Theatre Quo Vadis presents a set of scenic cases, all of them treating the need and sense of ritual when facing – or dealing with – change and death. Ritual Time is a combination of drama, poetry, music and reflection. It uses partly new material, partly material from the performance Ritual 3.0, the artistic part of Otso Kautto’s doctoral studies at University of Arts Helsinki. Ritual Time is a co-production with Theatre Quo Vadis and The Ritual Museum. Theatre Quo Vadis is a professional, international nomadic theatre inspired by poetry and sciences. The Ritual Museum is a museum without collections and walls. The Ritual Museum studies and conserves meaningful relations instead of meaningful objects. Ritual Time is written by Marko Järvikallas and Otso Kautto, directed by Otso Kautto, and performed by Quo Vadis actors: Minerva Kautto, Otso Kautto, Timo Pajunen-Noroila, Maija Rissanen and Pyörni Vartiainen.


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